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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Our Statistical Quality Control (SQC) department is equipped with the latest generation Testing Instruments for Monitoring & Controlling of Process & Finished Product quality for all physical and chemical properties.


Controls at various stages of process helps in delivering finest quality yarn to end customers for better efficiency in downstream industry & excellent quality of finished product in textile value chain.

Our Quality Centre is equipped with the following measuring instruments:


  • Statex Cascade System with Wrap reel: Measuring Hank & Count of the finished products of various stages.
  • Lea Strength Tester: To monitor the yarn strength, in terms of CSP (Count, Strength of Product).
  • Twist Tester: Monitors the twist present in yarn/threads.
  • PREMIER iQ QualiCenter Evenness Tester: Monitors the yarn evenness in terms of U% and imperfections (Thin, Thick and Neps) per kilometer and hairiness present in yarn.
  • Premier Classimate Analyser: Monitors and analyze the faults present in yarn in form of objectionable and non-objectionable.
  • Black Board Yarn Appearance Tester: By this, we can check visually yarn appearance.
  • Ultra–Violet Room: All the cones are passed under Ultra–Violet Lamp for detecting contamination.
  • Blend Tester: Monitors the ratio of blends in yarn for controlling deviations.
  • Sieger Yarn Conditioning Plant: Conditions all cones in Yarn Conditioning Plant (YCP) to minimize the hairiness in yarn.


Professionally manager Statistical Quality Centre helps in controlling the Yarn Quality within Uster +/-5% International Quality Standards.




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